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One-Week-No-Washes Challenge

Changing up your hairstyle can help you feel more comfortable extending the length of time in between washes. With these simple tips and tricks, you can go all week without washing your hair (or worrying about grease)!

Follow these simple tips and tricks to improve your hair’s health and successfully complete the one-week-no-washes challenge. 

Wash Day

After a relaxing wash and blowout at Vent Blow Dry Bar, you’re not going to want to touch your style (unless it’s to see how soft your hair is)! Wash day is simple — get as many hair flips and selfies in as possible.

Vent Tip: Before going to bed gather all your hair to the top of your head (like right on top) and tie loosely with an Invisibobble (available for purchase at Vent). Not only will you avoid any tangles and breakage but these incredible hair ties don’t leave any creases.

Day Two

If you went to Vent for your wash, your hair is probably still cleaner than your usual day one. Our deep exfoliating washes and top of the line products ensure built up product residue is removed and your hair is brought back to its full health. For today, just spitz your hair with a bit of texture spray or hairspray and go on your way.

One-Week-No-Washes Challenge day 1 hair mist | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village

Vent Tip: When you get home pin back just the font pieces of your hair to avoid your skin’s oils from transferring to your bangs.

Day Three

We know you’re still getting compliments but it’s time to switch it up a little! Adding a partially up style and a little dry shampoo will totally refresh your look. We love the Dutch side braid on day three because it shows off your beautiful style but is just a fun add on. You can follow the instructions below to add this style from home or come in to Vent for a $10 braid. Walk-ins welcome.

One-Week-No-Washes Challenge Day 4 braid hairstyle | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village

Also known as the “reverse French braid”, the Dutch braid is a simple way to make your hair stand out. Start by parting your hair to the side then take the top section of it and start to create a Dutch braid. All you have to do is fold the sections under each other instead of over each other, as you would with a French braid. Once you’ve reached the end of your hair, secure it with an elastic band. Pull on the braid in different areas to fluff it out and create more volume. The messier, the better.

Day Four

By following all our Vent tips at night, your hair might not even be showing signs of grease yet. But if it is, go ahead and work that dry shampoo in at the roots and use a round roller and hair dryer to evenly set the product throughout. For day four, we like to keep our hair out of our face with a half-up pull-through. You can try this look yourself with the instructions below or come by Vent Blow Dry Bar for an instantly refreshing $30 dry style blowout.

One-Week-No-Washes Challenge Day 4 Dry Style Blowout | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village

Pull your hair back into a half-up style, leaving a few face-framing pieces out at the front. Secure with an elastic. With your fingers, create a small opening above the elastic and flip the bottom half of the ponytail into this space. Adjust the elastic if need be. Tug at the sides to create a more loose, effortless look.

Day Five

This is usually the day our clients cave and wash their hair—but don’t! Leaving your hair’s natural oils will help improve overall hair health and reduce your split ends. Try pulling all your back today into a braid of your choice. Our favourite day five look? A side fishtail braid. Try the instructions below or come in for a quick $10 braid at Vent.

 One-Week-No-Washes Challenge Day 5 fish tale braid| Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village
For a funky twist on regular pigtail braid, try your hand at fishtails. Part your hair down the middle and split the sections in two, securing with elastic bands. Fishtail braid each pigtail to the bottom. This is actually much simpler than it looks, just split the pigtail into two sections, take a piece of hair from one side and cross it over to the other. Once you’ve reached the end, secure with an elastic. Gently fan out each braid to look more full.

Day Six

Today is all about confidence. You’re improving your hair health and going to look badass doing it. Try throwing in a high pony or high braid that can bring you from the office to the gym without skipping a beat.


One-Week-No-Washes Challenge Day 6 high braid | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village
Pull your hair high onto the top of your head, ensuring there are no bumps, and secure with an elastic. Then braid the pony and secure the bottom with an elastic. To soften the look of the braid, gently pull on different sections and tug on the end. You can also pull out some baby hairs for a more natural look. For a sleek and polished look, spritz some hairspray onto your roots to tame flyaways.

Day Seven

You made it! One week of no washing but a whole lot of style. Today is hair wash day, so throw your braid from yesterday up into a bun and head on over to Vent Blow Dry Bar with your girlfriends for a glass of prosecco and an awesome blowout experience.

One-Week-No-Washes Challenge Day 7 bun style | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village 
Similarly to the braided high pony, pull your hair into a high ponytail, secure with an elastic then do a regular braid to the end. Rather than secure with an elastic, wrap the braid around the base to create a bun and then use an elastic to hold the shape. To lock it in place even more, secure bottom sections to the head with bobby pins. For a more casual look, pull out some baby hairs to frame the face.

Did you complete the One-Week-No-Washes Challenge? Tag @ventblowdrybar in your photos for a chance to win a free blowout. Click here to book your next appointment.

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Pursuit Of Healthy Hair: Organic Products Matter

Similar to how we feed our bodies, our hair needs the right nutrients to stay strong and healthy (especially in the colder months). At Vent Blow Dry Bar we want your hair to feel as good as it looks and believe in the power organic hair products from AG Hair.

AG Hair recently launched a new line: Natural. Natural is 100 percent organic and formulated with 98 percent plant-based ingredients. Each of the line’s products have been stripped down to their natural essence to create healthier hair from the inside out. Organic hair products are full of  proteins, essential oils, vitamins and fruit extracts that hydrate and nourish each strand.

With AG Hair’s humble beginnings in a small Vancouver kitchen, founders John and Lotte Davis have been working towards bringing awareness of the organic hair care industry for over 27 years. The couple is known as thoughtful leaders in the natural and environmentally conscious hair care movement. Although AG products are now used in thousands of salons around the world, the Davis’ choose to still manufacture in Vancouver.

AG Hair products are free from additives and chemicals that dry out the scalp. The Natural line contains organic apple cider vinegar which helps to naturally close the hair cuticle locking in its moisturizing properties. With organic argan oil and aloe vera to help further hydrate, AG Hair can improve hair strength (dramatically reducing split ends) and shine.

When products with harsh chemicals such as sulfate or synthetic fillers such as silicone are used, the chemicals travel through the scalp into your blood vessels then travel throughout the body. Non-organic products can irritate the sensitive skin of your scalp causing eczema, psoriasis and encourage a number of fatal illnesses over time.

Upon first switching to organic hair care products, you may notice a lack of foam while shampooing. The natural alternatives are still deeply cleansing your hair but without the detergents stripping away the natural oils, the process may feel different.

Long term, using organic hair products can improve not only your hair’s health, but your overall health. Ready to feed your hair what it needs to stay healthy this winter? Click here to book an organic blowout and update your at-home hair care.

Cold Weather and Your Hair

A new season means a new beauty routine—including haircare. With the drop in temperature and the chill in the air, our hair can unfortunately take the brunt of winter’s icy bite.  

Along with the colder weather, many other environmental factors can contribute to the change in your hair’s behaviour this time of year. Between the extreme coldness outside and intense heating indoors, you’re more prone to dehydration resulting in a drier scalp and brittle hair. Add the friction of winter accessories on and off our heads this time of year, and our hair needs all the help it can get.

To combat these environmental effects, there are a number of preventative measures you can take, such as giving your hair plenty of moisture and staying away from extreme heat. A well-balanced and healthy diet can also help you tame a dry mane. Throughout the colder months, choose foods that are rich in natural oils, vitamins and minerals to nourish your body and hair from the inside out. Foods like fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, nuts and cereals are high in Vitamins A, C and E, as well as in minerals like iron and selenium, all of which can contribute to healthier looking hair. To properly ensure you’re getting all your nutrients for the day, you can also include a multi-vitamin into your morning routine. However you go about it, making these healthier changes will show positive results everywhere, including your hair.   

However, the best way to lock in moisture and keep dry brittle hair at bay is to choose your haircare wisely. Start by eliminating any alcohol-based hair products you own, and anything that contains heavy silicones (Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone). Both of these ingredients can make dry hair worse and weigh it down. Choosing products that contain natural ingredients, such as shea butter or essential oils, will open up the hair cuticle and allow moisture to be better absorbed.

At Vent Blow Dry Bar we trust the all-natural and 98 percent plant based products from AG Hair. With a wide range of products suitable for every hair colour and texture, AG Hair’s formulas can provide comfortable nourishment for both your hair and scalp that you can feel good about.  

During the winter, your hair needs extra love. Incorporate a weekly or bi-weekly hair mask into your haircare routine this season. At Vent Blow Dry Bar, we offer deep conditioning treatment experiences with Morrocanoil hair masks. With four formulas (Restorative, Intense Hydrating, Hydrating Light, and Smoothing) there is a mask for every hair texture and need. Infused with essential oils and based with Moroccanoil’s signature argan oil, these treatments offer relief of winter’s harsh scalp effects. Not to mention our stylists, give an extended 20-minute scalp massage to ensure every strand receives the benefits of the treatments and you receive 20 minutes of total bliss. 

At Vent Blow Dry Bar we believe every day should be a good hair day, no matter what the weather forecast. Book your appointment today to quench your dry winter hair and scalp.

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Our Christmas Wish List

All of the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, with hope that the latest and greatest hair care products would magically appear. Looking for a gift for every girlfriend on your list? We’ve got you covered—check out what’s on our 2017 Christmas wish list.


Moroccanoil products

Moroccanoil | Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West

Give the gift of beauty with Moroccanoil this Christmas. No matter who the woman are in your life, we’ve got a product that will suit each and every one of them. From nourishing Moroccanoil hair care treatments to everyday shampoo and conditioners, all of our Moroccanoil products are perfect stocking stuffers. Need a last minute gift? Pick up our go-to hair care travel kit for all the hair obsessed travelers on your list.

Moroccanoil Christmas Ornaments

Moroccanoil christmas tree ornaments | Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
What’s better than a multi-purpose gift? Nothing! This Christmas we have Moroccanoil Christmas tree ornaments that you can hang on your tree, or off of your gift to give to your best friend. The best part of this gift is that when the holiday season is over, and all of your decorations are put away, you can use the Moroccanoil treatment to help nourish and moisturize your hair throughout the cold winter months.

AG Hair Products

AG hair products | Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
For all of your natural conscious friends, we offer AG natural hair products that are 98% plant based and will help bring life back to your dry winter hair. Feel good about using hair products this Christmas with products full of apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, mango seed butter and hydrolyzed quinoa. We offer a wide range of AG natural hair products from the Balance Shampoo and Boost Conditioner to Dry Hair Lotion and Dry Lift Balm, we have all your hair needs covered.


invisibobble | Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
No one ever regrets giving a gift as good as the Invisibobble hair tie! These little beauty secrets look amazing on your wrist, while never leaving a crease in your hair after putting it up. Put an end to deciding whether to keep your perfect blowout intact or putting your hair up to wash your face before bed. This is the perfect beauty hack for anyone on your list.


ey envy |Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
This is the perfect product for your friends or family members who routinely get eyelash extensions or want to achieve beautiful, natural-looking, long eyelashes. EyEnvy serum is Canada’s #1 salon exclusive lash conditioner. Simply apply a thin layer of the clear solution to the lash roots before starting your normal makeup routine. This stuff truly works like magic!

Moroccanoil Gift Boxes

moroccan oil gift set |Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
Who doesn’t love a good Moroccanoil gift box around the holiday season?! Whether you want to Astonish or Adore your hair this winter, we’ve got you covered. The Astonish set comes with moisture repair shampoo and conditioner along with a free Moroccanoil treatment that will help condition hair damaged by heat or colouring products. We also have the Adore set, which includes the hydrating shampoo and conditioner along with a free hydrating styling cream! This kit offers the ultimate hydrating experience for your hair which is important this time of the year! Whichever kit you choose, we know your friends and family will love it!

WOW Root Cover-up

wow root cover up  |Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
This is one of our favourite products. WOW root cover-up was voted the Allure Best of Beauty product of the year! It’s never been easier to cover up grey roots in between colourings.This powder touch up will be your favourite secret weapon during the busy season.

Withinus TruMarine Collagen

withinus tru marine collagen Vent Blowout membership |Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
Want to satisfy everyone’s wish lists this year? WithinUs TruMarine Collagen is one of our newest products and we absolutely love its health benefits. TruMarine Collagen supplements promote healthier hair, skin, nails and joints. The on-the-go stick packs are easy to throw in your purse and add to any drink or food daily. The perfect gift for healthier hair this winter.

Vent Gift Cards

Vent Blowout membership |Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar Gift cards| Liberty Village | King West
Not sure if you’re friend or family member needs a blowout or some amazing products for the dry winter months? Let them decide this holiday season by purchasing a gift card for Vent Blow Dry Bar. Gift cards never expire and can be purchased for any amount.

Vent Blowout Membership 

Vent Blowout membership |Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
The gift that keeps on giving. The ultimate gift for someone special on your list, the Vent membership includes two blowouts per month, a free blowout and treatment on your birthday, five dollars off any additional blowouts and 10 percent off products.

Time with your Bestie

Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West

If blowouts and hair products aren’t the thing you were thinking of giving this time of year, then book some time with your bestie. Experiences with the ones you love are on everyone’s wish list this year. Treat your friend to a well-deserved afternoon of relaxation at Vent Blow Dry Bar over a glass of wine or mimosa because it truly does feel good to vent with friends!

Did we cover all of the people on your Christmas list this year? Stop by Vent Blow Dry Bar today to pick up all of our must-haves for Christmas. Wishing you the happiest of holidays (and the easiest of shopping),

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Hair Healthy, From the Inside Out

When hair lacks lustre, shine or softness, our immediate reaction is to layer on the moisturizing products and hope for the best. But one of the best way to help your hair health is from the inside out with the clinically proven TruMarine Collagen daily supplement.

Developed by Canadian brand WithinUs. TruMarine Collagen is a flavourless bioactive ingredient that can be added to any food or drinks daily. This unique supplement is proven to deliver a multitude of health benefits, such as increased skin hydration and elasticity; minimized fine lines and deep wrinkles; enhanced bone strength; reduced joint pain; and strengthened hair and nails. Because collagen naturally exists within our bodies, making up about one fifteenth of our total weight and composing about 75 percent of our skin, TruMarine Collagen stimulates these existing molecules while encouraging production.

TruMarine Collagen

By the time we turn 25, our bodies start to produce lower amounts of collagen, about one percent less each passing year. Less collagen means increased appearance of aging. Skin may start to form wrinkles and sag.  Our bones and joints can feel weaker and our hair and nails usually become more brittle. Although there are effective creams, serums, and aesthetic treatments to help improve the look of skin specifically. Few products improve collagen production throughout the entire body. TruMarine Collagen is able to do just that, providing the body with a high concentration of Hydrolyzed marine collagen packed with specific amino acids with special nutri-functional properties which are beneficial for both health and beauty purposes. Approved by Health Canada, the World Health Organization, and the FDA, TruMarine Collagen is safe for daily consumption.

As this product is flavourless and tasteless, incorporating it into your daily routine could not be easier. Rather than be limited to only water, like some other supplements may recommend. TruMarine Collagen can be blended with any food or beverage you have (even your morning coffee). You can also add it to juices, smoothies, yogurt, and even acai bowls. Simply add one to two scoops (approximately five to 10 grams) of TruMarine Collagen to something you consume daily. Results are visible as early as four weeks into daily use and optimal results are achieved by eight weeks. Compared to other forms of supplements, like pills or tablets. WithinUs TruMarine Collagen offers a higher concentration of active ingredients, equivalent to 10 to 20 capsules a day.

Get your hair looking its healthiest during the colder, dry months. Pick up your TruMarine Collagen at your next blowout and enjoy your first supplement in your mimosa or complimentary coffee. Book your blowout now.

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A little compliment, goes a long way

Receiving the perfect compliment can have the same impact on your energy and mood as receiving a cash reward but only if you know how to accept the praise.

A compliment is by definition: a polite expression of praise or admiration and an act or circumstance that implies praise or respect.

The problem is, most women deflect any compliments that come their way. Whether it be “I love your outfit” and the reply “Oh, it was all that I had clean” or “You gave an amazing presentation” and the reply “No, I just threw it together in five minutes.” We’re all guilty of making excuses for compliments received instead of graciously accepting admiration.

Let’s talk compliments.

There are nine different types of compliments: ambiguous, too-frequent, inappropriate, envious, awkward, off-topic, unintentionally rude, sales pitch and the right compliment. Most of these don’t warrant acceptance as they aren’t coming from a place of good intention. It’s important to understand that giving a compliment can only have a positive impact if it’s coming from the heart.

Not only can the right compliment increase your confidence but according to a recent study published in PLOS One. It can significantly improve your performance at work. “To the brain, receiving a compliment is as much a social reward as being rewarded money. We’ve been able to find scientific proof that a person performs better when they receive a social reward after completing an exercise”, stated lead professor of the Japanese study, Norihiro Sadato.

While you are sleeping each night your brain undertakes a process called skill consolidation: the process by which motor skills are transformed from an initial fragile state, in which they are especially prone to being disrupted or lost, to a more solid or permanent state. Compliments trigger the memory boost of this process and have similar results as that of a cash incentive. By giving the right compliment you can impact a person’s performance and ability to do their job well.

In our digitally driven society of Photoshop and portraying the perfect, Pinterest life, self-esteem among women is an increasing issue. Eighty-five percent of women miss out on social events and important life activities due to self-consciousness of their personal appearance. The habit of basing attendance based on appearance is instilled in girls at a young age with 79 percent of girls aged 10 to 17 reporting the same feelings as women aged 18 to 64.

Let’s empower each other! 

You’ve heard the saying, women dress for other women? The power of a woman’s opinion can drastically change how females interact in social events and at work. By providing the perfect compliment to another woman (whether it be your sister or a complete stranger). You can increase their productivity at work, increase their confidence in taking risks and contradict their own negative self views.

Being strong enough to recognize someone else’s beauty without questioning your own can be more difficult than you’d think. But start small. If woman in front of you in line has that gorgeous post-blowout look. Go ahead and let her know their hair looks fantastic! Empowering other women and building them will only help increase your own confidence.

You can “Vent” with us.

As a female owned and operated business. We know how powerful it can be when females get together and lift each other up. Vent Blow Dry Bar aims to empower women through beautiful hairstyling, building confidence with each blowout. While providing a comfortable space to vent and connect with other women. There is something about sitting in a comfy chair while nourishing your hair and enjoying a luxurious experience. That can help you feel more capable and ready to take on the rest of your week. Our intention is to not only increase the number of compliments you receive, but to inspire you to then pay it forward and empower other women.

Plan a day with the important women in your life and make sure it includes a visit to Vent Blow Dry Bar for your girls’ day blowouts.


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The Woman Behind Vent Blow Dry Bar

What inspires you? For me, I am inspired by women who have a vision and who are driven by that vision to achieve great things.

Whether it be a business, a career, a passion for fitness or a calling to help others. As women we all had experiences through our lives that have left their mark. We can use those experiences to drive ourselves to accomplish things we may never have thought possible.

So what is it that has driven me to start my own business and push me everyday? My why! It’s what I go to when I need motivation and it’s what gives me that grit to keep pushing forward on those difficult days. What’s my why you might ask? Well, it is those life events and experience of course. Also two key things: my lifelong love/hate relationship with my hair and my dream of being a successful businesswomen.

My Why!

Since I can remember my hair has made me crazy. It has always been thick, curly and difficult to manage. When I was young, like many girls I wanted pin straight hair. I would sprawl my hair out on my mom’s ironing board and run a hot iron over it! Many years later after getting married, my family would often be ready waiting for me at the door to go out as I entered hour two of my hair styling regime. The thought of having a place where I could have my hair professionally done without paying salon prices and waiting days or weeks for an appointment excited me.

Book My Blow Out Vent Blow Dry Bar Toronto

The second part of my why has been my dream of building my own business. I have always admired women who took the chance at opening their own business and built something in their image. Women who are driven, confident and dedicated to create a brand that reflected their why. Women who inspire and especially those who help other women to succeed. I always felt I could do this but until recently never had the opportunity.

I believe that through the creation of Vent Blow Dry Bar I have incorporated my why into every aspect of the business. To provide women (and men) with an option for hair care that is affordable, saves time and builds confidence. And if you’re going to be sitting in a salon for an hour – you deserve to sit in a luxurious one where you can enjoy a glass of wine and de-stress. I truly feel that as women we work hard and deserve to be pampered!

So what’s your why?

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The Importance of Venting

Anything can set off a bad daywhether it’s your overbearing boss, running out of coffee or even something as simple as bad weather. When we bottle up our feelings and frustrations these little inconveniences can snowball into a bad weeks or months and eventually end in a breakdown. Venting is healthy.

Although it often has a negative stigma, characterized as something that promotes obsessivity and complaining, venting is proven to relieve stress and help resolve issues when done in the right environment with the right person. Vent Blow Dry Bar strives to be that pro-venting space for you and your closest friends to chat completely at ease and free to let out your frustrations.

The most effective way to be rid of negative emotions, is to talk about them. Talking about your stresses and anxieties can help you move on from problems more efficiently and in a healthy way. Explaining a past situation out loud can help clarify how you’re feeling about it. Then often times puts things into perspective. When emotions run high and there’s no outlet to unload onto, the body’s equilibrium becomes imbalanced and the neocortical function of the brain shuts down. This imbalance makes you feel confused and can create a distorted version of situations. Making it difficult to determine what really is upsetting you.

Keeping your feelings bottled up also negatively impacts your physical being; muscles can become extremely tense, causing poor sleep, cramping and chronic pain. Vocalizing your emotions releases them from the body and mind. Evoking an immediate rush of relief that relaxes muscles and eases mental strain. In the same way that exercise can help clear the mind. Emptying our brains can help the body to regain strength.

Talking to friends helps sort out your own emotions in a new way. Offering different perspectives and solutions you may have not previously considered. A supportive friend can offer you comfort and guidance in ways no one else can. Once you find a friend you can truly vent with, don’t let her go. Part therapist, part personal cheerleader, part silent listener, a good friend can help you through anything.

It’s our hope you can leave Vent Blow Dry Bar feeling totally refreshed—hair, thoughts and all. To book your next venting session with your girlfriend’s click below!

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Our Top 8 Halloween Blowouts

Finding an original Halloween costume idea seems near impossible. But even if you are one of the five Sandys at your party, there’s a way to stand out. We have put together some of our favourite Halloween costumes that are put over the top by good hair.

For those of us that are less creative, finding a costume is as simple of walking into the nearest costume shop and picking up a fully packaged head to toe costume. Problem is, there’s so many of us that do that, we end up looking identical. This year, come into Vent Blow Dry Bar before your Halloween party to get the perfect accessory for your costume: your hair. We will help make your average costume look like a million bucks. Here are the top Halloween hair ideas to help you perfect your look.


Disney’s Elsa 

The Frozen fad is still going strong and you’ll never be able to perfect the messy side braid so let it go. Let our stylists give you the perfect pulled out braid look for your Disney look.



If you’ve been to Vent Blow Dry Bar already, you already know how obsessed we are with Carrie Bradshaw. With our beachy wave style option, we can help you effortlessly pull off the complete Sex in the City look this Halloween. Add some Madonna pearls, large earrings, a ripped jean jacket and you’ll be ready to go straight from your glass of wine at Vent to the party.


Game of Thrones

This show is still dominating, so get on board. Choose your favourite medieval Game of Thrones character and let our stylists create intricate braids to complete your look. Heck, we like this look any day of the month!


Grease’s Sandy

 “Tell me about it, Stud.” This has to be one of our favourite classic costumes. Perfect for those who are reading this on October 30th at midnight trying to figure out what to wear. Grab your black tights, leather jacket and red lipstick. Sandy’s look really isn’t complete without her voluminous curls. Get dressed and head to Vent for a drink while our stylists finish off the look.



 A starfish jeweled bra and mermaid style skirt bring this look only half way. We want the perfect sea goddess hair. With our soft curl style option and waterfall braid add-on, you’ll be feeling like Arial in no time.


Clueless’ Cher

As if you could find a costume more sophisticated and classy! Cher is our go-to costume for our classic straight style option. Leaving in round brushes, our stylists will help you achieve the perfect straight with a little bit of movement. Best part of this hairstyle, you can wear it to work for days, well after your Halloween hangover fades.



Have an old leotard lying around somewhere? Add some leg warmers and a tight bun and you’ve achieved the easiest (yet still uber cute) costume for your Halloween party. Offering both simple and formal updos, our stylists can help you jazz up this costume to your liking!



With shows like Mad Men topping the charts, there’s never been a better time for a Hollywood glam costume! Our Hollywood blowout style option will perfect your hollywood or flapper look. Just grab your red lipstick and you’re good to go!



Get creative this year and perfect your costume with a Halloween blowout. The weekend of October 27th is already starting to book up. Book your Halloween blowout now. 


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Refine Your Wedding Day Morning

It’s the most important day of your life. There’s a million things to do, hundreds of people to talk with and it all needs to start at 6:30 AM—until now. Vent Blow Dry Bar has revolutionized the tone of your wedding day morning.

It’s your wedding day. You set your alarm for 6:30 AM to ensure you have enough time to have a coffee before your hair stylist and makeup artist arrive at 7:00 AM. They need to get through you, the groom’s mom, your mom and all six of your bridesmaids before 1:30 to ensure there’s enough time to get your dress on and take photos before leaving for the ceremony site.

OR it’s your wedding day, you roll out of bed around 10:00 AM feeling totally refreshed for the long, important day ahead and have a leisurely coffee on your way to Vent Blow Dry Bar. There’s stylists waiting for each of your bridesmaids, yourself and the moms. Mimosas are being poured and the makeup artist ready to get to work. Everyone’s hair is done at the same time and the decor is the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. With wedding chick flicks and your playlist playing in the background, this morning is one you and the ladies closest to you will remember.

Book My Blow Out Vent Blow Dry Bar Toronto

Often times brides become fixated on their wedding day timeline and getting to the next portion of the day. At Vent Blow Dry Bar, we believe in creating an experience for our brides that will leave them totally relaxed for the day. Let us serve you and your wedding party champagne, Buda Juice mimosas or complimentary Nespresso and while beautifully styling your hair.

For our brides hosting weddings too far from Vent Blow Dry Bar, stop by the day before your wedding for a deep scalp massage and wash. As many wedding hair stylists will tell you, day old hair is ideal for styling. The natural oils of your hair will help the style hold. With our two products lines, AG Hair and Moroccanoil, our stylists can help create the perfect palette for your wedding day hairstyle.

Set the tone for your special day with the ultimate morning with the ladies closest to you. With the busyness of your wedding day, transform your morning into a relaxing, luxurious experience rather than a mad dash.

In the midst of wedding planning? Click here to check one more thing off your list and inquire about our customized bridal packages.

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