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Global Best Beauty Clip-On Hair Extensions

Whether you want to add volume, length (or both), hair extensions can completely transform your hairstyle (and your confidence). At Vent Blow Dry Bar we offer Global Best Beauty Clip-on hair extensions to complete any style.

Naturally healthy and voluptuous hair — the dream! The reality though, is some of us have hair that is short and/or thin and we want to add a little something extra.  

Trying different hairstyles can be difficult when you don’t have a lot of hair to work with. Hair extensions are the fastest and easiest way to create fuller, glamourous looking locks. At Vent Blow Dry Bar, we carry Global Beauty Best (GBB) clip-in hair extensions! The best 100 percent Cuticle Remy and human hair extensions in the world.

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What is Global Beauty Best (GBB)?

Imported from Europe, USA, and South America. GBB extensions do not shed, tangle and can be accurately colour matched to your hair. At Vent Blow Dry Bar, we offer a variety of colours to match your exact needs. If we don’t have the right colour we can order them for you within two business days. With 21 natural colours, plus seven highlight colours. Our stylists will help you find the perfect extension match.

GBB hair extensions are perfect for people who want to feel like a celebrity without paying a celebrity price. GBB’s clip-in hair extensions are rated amongst the most durable bond in the world. Lasting anywhere from three to twelve months with proper care and application.

GBB clip-in extensions can easily be put in at home. But we recommend booking a blowout + extensions during your initial style. If desired, our trained stylists at Vent Blow Dry Bar will teach you how put in your GBB hair extensions. Also, care for them to ensure they stay beautiful for months.

GBB hair extensions come in two lengths (14” and 18”) and are sold in packs with either eight panels. Or eleven panels (for 18” length only). During your initial consultation. Our stylists will help you determine the proper number of panels to use in order to achieve your desired look.

To learn more about these fabulous extensions or book your blowout, contact us today. 

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How to Achieve Your 2018 Goals

As we set out our goals and resolutions for 2018, there are a few thoughts I wanted to share from my own experiences over the past few years that have helped me to change my life and may help you to be successful with your own goals.

After taking control of my life and starting my own business, Vent Blow Dry Bar, a complete change of career for me, and having watched my husband complete his Master’s degree, I have realized there are a few key components that are necessary and can help anyone achieve their goals and dreams.

1) You have to want it and be willing to sacrifice something to get it.

You can’t just kinda want to change your life or improve something about yourself— whether it is your career, education or fitness level—you have to REALLY want it and you have to be willing to go through some discomfort to get it.

For example, when my husband decided to go back to school he had to determine what he could eliminate from his schedule to find the time to study each day. But still be a husband, father, hockey coach and keep a full time career. He cut out time wasted on TV and the internet, and gave up time spent on fitness (his passion is training so this wasn’t easy) and sleep – on average 1-2 hours a day. Using his lunch at work to read and would wake up early on weekends to complete his work so he could spend time with our three kids. He would stay indoors at the cottage and write papers while the rest of us were swimming and enjoying the summer. It wasn’t easy, but for him it was more than worth it. He finished his degree and feels so confident from having met a lifelong personal goal of his.

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2) Wishes aren’t worth sh*t.

Ok, so let’s set this misconception straight once and for all—wishes don’t come true. Success, whether financial or fitness (we all define success differently) won’t just happen because you wished for it. However, goals can be met if you make the decision to chase them and are determined to meet them. But simply wishing for something won’t make it happen. You have to decide to make a change and then work on it every single day.

3) Take one day at a time by setting small yet achievable goals – incremental change.

This is so important yet often overlooked. Looking at the end goal or the multitude of tasks or work it will take to get where you want to be is overwhelming. You have to break the work down into smaller daily or weekly goals. As my father-in-law would often say. The time will go by one way or another, you have to decide how to use it. This year, decide to use each day to improve and make incremental changes towards meeting YOUR goals. You will be amazed at the rate daily tasks can multiply. And build incrementally into major accomplishments over the course of a year.

When people look at successful individuals. Whether it’s an athlete or business success. Often all we see is the success and not the hard work that went into it. We don’t see the late nights and early mornings.  The sacrifices that were made or the risks that were taken. Success is not accomplished without the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly focus on meeting your goals.

By deciding to make a change in your life. Identifying the time wasters, making sacrifices and taking one day at a time with an end goal in mind,. You CAN change your life and make it exactly what you want. If I have learned one thing from my journey it’s that you can let life happen around you or take control and make it what you want.

This year, let’s own 2018 and make it what we want for ourselves!

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The Most Challenging Year of My Life

While Vent Blow Dry Bar has been nearly a three-year project, watching the final stages of my dream come together in 2017 was incredible and overwhelming.

From the construction process, what seemed like continuous setbacks and cost overruns, permit issues and delays, we somehow made it through and created a beautiful space designed to save busy women time, empower them and build their confidence through a self-care experience unlike any other.

I am so proud of what we have accomplished and have never looked forward to my future with such energy and enthusiasm. However, giving so much of myself to my business has meant I’ve had to make a few sacrifices along the way. Being a mom to three busy kids, a wife to a husband who has his own career and a new business owner meant I had to give up something. As it turned out, my self-care and me time were the first things to go. I know there are plenty of women just like me with busy lives, demanding careers and family expectations, and this past year I have learned how important it is to care for ourselves so we can be there to care for our families, friends and careers.

One of my goals for Vent is to provide a place where women can unwind, de-stress and dedicate some much-needed time back to themselves. I intend to take that approach for myself as well in 2018 and I’m putting out the challenge to all the busy, dedicated, hard-working women out there who have goals, dreams and plans for the year ahead. As women, let’s work hard, play hard, be awesome leaders for the people in our lives and most importantly, dedicate some time for ourselves.

In an effort to encourage women to actually fulfill these goals, I decided to create a fun social media challenge throughout the month on January in collaboration with the amazing, kick-butt women (and men) at 6ix Cycle. For 21 days (the amount of time it takes to create a habit) we will post daily self-care challenges to both our Facebook page and Instagram story, asking all of our followers to join in and show us how they’ve completed the challenge with the official hashtag #TakeItBack21. On January 22nd we will go through all the submissions and choose two lucky winners to have an indulgent self-care day with one of their closest friends.

Creating challenges for yourself is important, but they can be hard to stick to on your own. I wanted to create a community for other women to lift each other up, practice daily self-care and give them the chance to win the luxurious treatment they deserve.

I am making 2018 the year in which I make a commitment to myself to take time for me, to work on my well-being both physically and mentally and to lead other women in this journey. In addition to participating in the #TakeItBack21 challenge, I’ll be posting my experiences as a mom, wife and a business owner and encourage you to do so as well by sharing them with us @ventblowdrybar. I can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring and I hope that Vent will be a big part of your self-care regimen in the year ahead. To follow my personal journey follow me on Instagram @natalie_ventblowdrybar.

2018 – Bring it on!

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