Five Tips to Longer Lasting Curls

As one of our most requested blowout styles, lasting curls are often considered the hardest to achieve.

Understanding your hair’s texture and how it holds curls is key to mastering this hairstyle and ensuring it lasts. Here are our top five tips on how to extend the life of your curls.

1) Change up your technique.

A tried and true curl-holding trick is to let each curl cool down completely before letting it drop. After each piece of hair has been curled, hold each fresh curl in your palm. Then take a small clip or bobby pin, roll it up and secure it against your scalp. Once it has completely cooled, take out the pins and let down your curls. Letting the hair cool down allows the cuticle to close and set, holding the new curled shape in place for a longer stretch of time. In a time crunch? Once your curls are all pinned, use your hairdryer on cold to speed up the cooling process.

2) Apply less but better products.

Products are essential to the life of any hairstyle, especially to curls. However, the problem is we sometimes get carried away and apply too many products. To avoid overloading your strands and weighing them down, apply products strategically and sparingly. Start with a small amount of mousse or a few spritzes of hairspray before you blow dry, to give your hair some texture (curls don’t love clean hair). Then go in with a heat protectant to save your hair from thermal damage. You can hairspray as you go along with the curling iron, however, it’s usually most effective to mist the hair with strong hold spray right at the end. This allows you to have the maximum amount of time to play with your style before locking it into place.

3) A good stylist should blame her tools.

No two curling irons are created equal, especially if one is cheaply made. Using better quality tools may seem like a large investment at the time, however, they perform better (saving you time) and usually are safer for your hair. If you’ve had curl trouble in the past, the problem was most likely the tools, not your hair. At Vent Blow Dry Bar we incorporate the use of professional-grade hair tools, like the powerful Dyson Supersonic blow dryer and quality BaBylissPro curling irons, to help our clients achieve healthy, lasting curls.

4) Understand your barrels.

Although the length and texture of someone’s hair will react differently to each size, the golden rule is: the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl. At Vent Blow Dry Bar, we usually stay in the middle ground of barrel sizes and stick to either a 1” to 1.5” barrel. Both of these are not too light where the curl becomes coily, but not too relaxed where the curl lacks definition. These sizes are universally flattering and usually last the longest.

5) Leave it to the professionals.

Still can’t seem to get the hang of long-lasting curls? Let our expert stylists at Vent Blow Dry Bar take all the uncertainty and stress out of creating perfect curls, while you simply sit back and sip a cocktail. With an entire menu of styling services, we have a curl style for every occasion. If you want to keep your new style going for two or three days, we also offer a variety of style extending products (like Moroccanoil dry shampoo) to refresh the hair and keep your curls bouncy for days.  

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