One-Week-No-Washes Challenge

Changing up your hairstyle can help you feel more comfortable extending the length of time in between washes. With these simple tips and tricks, you can go all week without washing your hair (or worrying about grease)!

Follow these simple tips and tricks to improve your hair’s health and successfully complete the one-week-no-washes challenge. 

Wash Day

After a relaxing wash and blowout at Vent Blow Dry Bar, you’re not going to want to touch your style (unless it’s to see how soft your hair is)! Wash day is simple — get as many hair flips and selfies in as possible.

Vent Tip: Before going to bed gather all your hair to the top of your head (like right on top) and tie loosely with an Invisibobble (available for purchase at Vent). Not only will you avoid any tangles and breakage but these incredible hair ties don’t leave any creases.

Day Two

If you went to Vent for your wash, your hair is probably still cleaner than your usual day one. Our deep exfoliating washes and top of the line products ensure built up product residue is removed and your hair is brought back to its full health. For today, just spitz your hair with a bit of texture spray or hairspray and go on your way.

One-Week-No-Washes Challenge day 1 hair mist | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village

Vent Tip: When you get home pin back just the font pieces of your hair to avoid your skin’s oils from transferring to your bangs.

Day Three

We know you’re still getting compliments but it’s time to switch it up a little! Adding a partially up style and a little dry shampoo will totally refresh your look. We love the Dutch side braid on day three because it shows off your beautiful style but is just a fun add on. You can follow the instructions below to add this style from home or come in to Vent for a $10 braid. Walk-ins welcome.

One-Week-No-Washes Challenge Day 4 braid hairstyle | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village

Also known as the “reverse French braid”, the Dutch braid is a simple way to make your hair stand out. Start by parting your hair to the side then take the top section of it and start to create a Dutch braid. All you have to do is fold the sections under each other instead of over each other, as you would with a French braid. Once you’ve reached the end of your hair, secure it with an elastic band. Pull on the braid in different areas to fluff it out and create more volume. The messier, the better.

Day Four

By following all our Vent tips at night, your hair might not even be showing signs of grease yet. But if it is, go ahead and work that dry shampoo in at the roots and use a round roller and hair dryer to evenly set the product throughout. For day four, we like to keep our hair out of our face with a half-up pull-through. You can try this look yourself with the instructions below or come by Vent Blow Dry Bar for an instantly refreshing $30 dry style blowout.

One-Week-No-Washes Challenge Day 4 Dry Style Blowout | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village

Pull your hair back into a half-up style, leaving a few face-framing pieces out at the front. Secure with an elastic. With your fingers, create a small opening above the elastic and flip the bottom half of the ponytail into this space. Adjust the elastic if need be. Tug at the sides to create a more loose, effortless look.

Day Five

This is usually the day our clients cave and wash their hair—but don’t! Leaving your hair’s natural oils will help improve overall hair health and reduce your split ends. Try pulling all your back today into a braid of your choice. Our favourite day five look? A side fishtail braid. Try the instructions below or come in for a quick $10 braid at Vent.

 One-Week-No-Washes Challenge Day 5 fish tale braid| Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village
For a funky twist on regular pigtail braid, try your hand at fishtails. Part your hair down the middle and split the sections in two, securing with elastic bands. Fishtail braid each pigtail to the bottom. This is actually much simpler than it looks, just split the pigtail into two sections, take a piece of hair from one side and cross it over to the other. Once you’ve reached the end, secure with an elastic. Gently fan out each braid to look more full.

Day Six

Today is all about confidence. You’re improving your hair health and going to look badass doing it. Try throwing in a high pony or high braid that can bring you from the office to the gym without skipping a beat.


One-Week-No-Washes Challenge Day 6 high braid | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village
Pull your hair high onto the top of your head, ensuring there are no bumps, and secure with an elastic. Then braid the pony and secure the bottom with an elastic. To soften the look of the braid, gently pull on different sections and tug on the end. You can also pull out some baby hairs for a more natural look. For a sleek and polished look, spritz some hairspray onto your roots to tame flyaways.

Day Seven

You made it! One week of no washing but a whole lot of style. Today is hair wash day, so throw your braid from yesterday up into a bun and head on over to Vent Blow Dry Bar with your girlfriends for a glass of prosecco and an awesome blowout experience.

One-Week-No-Washes Challenge Day 7 bun style | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village 
Similarly to the braided high pony, pull your hair into a high ponytail, secure with an elastic then do a regular braid to the end. Rather than secure with an elastic, wrap the braid around the base to create a bun and then use an elastic to hold the shape. To lock it in place even more, secure bottom sections to the head with bobby pins. For a more casual look, pull out some baby hairs to frame the face.

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