Pursuit Of Healthy Hair: Organic Products Matter

Similar to how we feed our bodies, our hair needs the right nutrients to stay strong and healthy (especially in the colder months). At Vent Blow Dry Bar we want your hair to feel as good as it looks and believe in the power organic hair products from AG Hair.

AG Hair recently launched a new line: Natural. Natural is 100 percent organic and formulated with 98 percent plant-based ingredients. Each of the line’s products have been stripped down to their natural essence to create healthier hair from the inside out. Organic hair products are full of  proteins, essential oils, vitamins and fruit extracts that hydrate and nourish each strand.

With AG Hair’s humble beginnings in a small Vancouver kitchen, founders John and Lotte Davis have been working towards bringing awareness of the organic hair care industry for over 27 years. The couple is known as thoughtful leaders in the natural and environmentally conscious hair care movement. Although AG products are now used in thousands of salons around the world, the Davis’ choose to still manufacture in Vancouver.

AG Hair products are free from additives and chemicals that dry out the scalp. The Natural line contains organic apple cider vinegar which helps to naturally close the hair cuticle locking in its moisturizing properties. With organic argan oil and aloe vera to help further hydrate, AG Hair can improve hair strength (dramatically reducing split ends) and shine.

When products with harsh chemicals such as sulfate or synthetic fillers such as silicone are used, the chemicals travel through the scalp into your blood vessels then travel throughout the body. Non-organic products can irritate the sensitive skin of your scalp causing eczema, psoriasis and encourage a number of fatal illnesses over time.

Upon first switching to organic hair care products, you may notice a lack of foam while shampooing. The natural alternatives are still deeply cleansing your hair but without the detergents stripping away the natural oils, the process may feel different.

Long term, using organic hair products can improve not only your hair’s health, but your overall health. Ready to feed your hair what it needs to stay healthy this winter? Click here to book an organic blowout and update your at-home hair care.


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