Cold Weather and Your Hair

A new season means a new beauty routine—including haircare. With the drop in temperature and the chill in the air, our hair can unfortunately take the brunt of winter’s icy bite.  

Along with the colder weather, many other environmental factors can contribute to the change in your hair’s behaviour this time of year. Between the extreme coldness outside and intense heating indoors, you’re more prone to dehydration resulting in a drier scalp and brittle hair. Add the friction of winter accessories on and off our heads this time of year, and our hair needs all the help it can get.

To combat these environmental effects, there are a number of preventative measures you can take, such as giving your hair plenty of moisture and staying away from extreme heat. A well-balanced and healthy diet can also help you tame a dry mane. Throughout the colder months, choose foods that are rich in natural oils, vitamins and minerals to nourish your body and hair from the inside out. Foods like fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, nuts and cereals are high in Vitamins A, C and E, as well as in minerals like iron and selenium, all of which can contribute to healthier looking hair. To properly ensure you’re getting all your nutrients for the day, you can also include a multi-vitamin into your morning routine. However you go about it, making these healthier changes will show positive results everywhere, including your hair.   

However, the best way to lock in moisture and keep dry brittle hair at bay is to choose your haircare wisely. Start by eliminating any alcohol-based hair products you own, and anything that contains heavy silicones (Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone). Both of these ingredients can make dry hair worse and weigh it down. Choosing products that contain natural ingredients, such as shea butter or essential oils, will open up the hair cuticle and allow moisture to be better absorbed.

At Vent Blow Dry Bar we trust the all-natural and 98 percent plant based products from AG Hair. With a wide range of products suitable for every hair colour and texture, AG Hair’s formulas can provide comfortable nourishment for both your hair and scalp that you can feel good about.  

During the winter, your hair needs extra love. Incorporate a weekly or bi-weekly hair mask into your haircare routine this season. At Vent Blow Dry Bar, we offer deep conditioning treatment experiences with Morrocanoil hair masks. With four formulas (Restorative, Intense Hydrating, Hydrating Light, and Smoothing) there is a mask for every hair texture and need. Infused with essential oils and based with Moroccanoil’s signature argan oil, these treatments offer relief of winter’s harsh scalp effects. Not to mention our stylists, give an extended 20-minute scalp massage to ensure every strand receives the benefits of the treatments and you receive 20 minutes of total bliss. 

At Vent Blow Dry Bar we believe every day should be a good hair day, no matter what the weather forecast. Book your appointment today to quench your dry winter hair and scalp.

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