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Our Christmas Wish List

All of the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, with hope that the latest and greatest hair care products would magically appear. Looking for a gift for every girlfriend on your list? We’ve got you covered—check out what’s on our 2017 Christmas wish list.


Moroccanoil products

Moroccanoil | Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West

Give the gift of beauty with Moroccanoil this Christmas. No matter who the woman are in your life, we’ve got a product that will suit each and every one of them. From nourishing Moroccanoil hair care treatments to everyday shampoo and conditioners, all of our Moroccanoil products are perfect stocking stuffers. Need a last minute gift? Pick up our go-to hair care travel kit for all the hair obsessed travelers on your list.

Moroccanoil Christmas Ornaments

Moroccanoil christmas tree ornaments | Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
What’s better than a multi-purpose gift? Nothing! This Christmas we have Moroccanoil Christmas tree ornaments that you can hang on your tree, or off of your gift to give to your best friend. The best part of this gift is that when the holiday season is over, and all of your decorations are put away, you can use the Moroccanoil treatment to help nourish and moisturize your hair throughout the cold winter months.

AG Hair Products

AG hair products | Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
For all of your natural conscious friends, we offer AG natural hair products that are 98% plant based and will help bring life back to your dry winter hair. Feel good about using hair products this Christmas with products full of apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, mango seed butter and hydrolyzed quinoa. We offer a wide range of AG natural hair products from the Balance Shampoo and Boost Conditioner to Dry Hair Lotion and Dry Lift Balm, we have all your hair needs covered.


invisibobble | Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
No one ever regrets giving a gift as good as the Invisibobble hair tie! These little beauty secrets look amazing on your wrist, while never leaving a crease in your hair after putting it up. Put an end to deciding whether to keep your perfect blowout intact or putting your hair up to wash your face before bed. This is the perfect beauty hack for anyone on your list.


ey envy |Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
This is the perfect product for your friends or family members who routinely get eyelash extensions or want to achieve beautiful, natural-looking, long eyelashes. EyEnvy serum is Canada’s #1 salon exclusive lash conditioner. Simply apply a thin layer of the clear solution to the lash roots before starting your normal makeup routine. This stuff truly works like magic!

Moroccanoil Gift Boxes

moroccan oil gift set |Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
Who doesn’t love a good Moroccanoil gift box around the holiday season?! Whether you want to Astonish or Adore your hair this winter, we’ve got you covered. The Astonish set comes with moisture repair shampoo and conditioner along with a free Moroccanoil treatment that will help condition hair damaged by heat or colouring products. We also have the Adore set, which includes the hydrating shampoo and conditioner along with a free hydrating styling cream! This kit offers the ultimate hydrating experience for your hair which is important this time of the year! Whichever kit you choose, we know your friends and family will love it!

WOW Root Cover-up

wow root cover up  |Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
This is one of our favourite products. WOW root cover-up was voted the Allure Best of Beauty product of the year! It’s never been easier to cover up grey roots in between colourings.This powder touch up will be your favourite secret weapon during the busy season.

Withinus TruMarine Collagen

withinus tru marine collagen Vent Blowout membership |Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
Want to satisfy everyone’s wish lists this year? WithinUs TruMarine Collagen is one of our newest products and we absolutely love its health benefits. TruMarine Collagen supplements promote healthier hair, skin, nails and joints. The on-the-go stick packs are easy to throw in your purse and add to any drink or food daily. The perfect gift for healthier hair this winter.

Vent Gift Cards

Vent Blowout membership |Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar Gift cards| Liberty Village | King West
Not sure if you’re friend or family member needs a blowout or some amazing products for the dry winter months? Let them decide this holiday season by purchasing a gift card for Vent Blow Dry Bar. Gift cards never expire and can be purchased for any amount.

Vent Blowout Membership 

Vent Blowout membership |Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West
The gift that keeps on giving. The ultimate gift for someone special on your list, the Vent membership includes two blowouts per month, a free blowout and treatment on your birthday, five dollars off any additional blowouts and 10 percent off products.

Time with your Bestie

Our Christmas Wish List | Vent Blow Dry Bar | Liberty Village | King West

If blowouts and hair products aren’t the thing you were thinking of giving this time of year, then book some time with your bestie. Experiences with the ones you love are on everyone’s wish list this year. Treat your friend to a well-deserved afternoon of relaxation at Vent Blow Dry Bar over a glass of wine or mimosa because it truly does feel good to vent with friends!

Did we cover all of the people on your Christmas list this year? Stop by Vent Blow Dry Bar today to pick up all of our must-haves for Christmas. Wishing you the happiest of holidays (and the easiest of shopping),

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Hair Healthy, From the Inside Out

When hair lacks lustre, shine or softness, our immediate reaction is to layer on the moisturizing products and hope for the best. But one of the best way to help your hair health is from the inside out with the clinically proven TruMarine Collagen daily supplement.

Developed by Canadian brand WithinUs. TruMarine Collagen is a flavourless bioactive ingredient that can be added to any food or drinks daily. This unique supplement is proven to deliver a multitude of health benefits, such as increased skin hydration and elasticity; minimized fine lines and deep wrinkles; enhanced bone strength; reduced joint pain; and strengthened hair and nails. Because collagen naturally exists within our bodies, making up about one fifteenth of our total weight and composing about 75 percent of our skin, TruMarine Collagen stimulates these existing molecules while encouraging production.

TruMarine Collagen

By the time we turn 25, our bodies start to produce lower amounts of collagen, about one percent less each passing year. Less collagen means increased appearance of aging. Skin may start to form wrinkles and sag.  Our bones and joints can feel weaker and our hair and nails usually become more brittle. Although there are effective creams, serums, and aesthetic treatments to help improve the look of skin specifically. Few products improve collagen production throughout the entire body. TruMarine Collagen is able to do just that, providing the body with a high concentration of Hydrolyzed marine collagen packed with specific amino acids with special nutri-functional properties which are beneficial for both health and beauty purposes. Approved by Health Canada, the World Health Organization, and the FDA, TruMarine Collagen is safe for daily consumption.

As this product is flavourless and tasteless, incorporating it into your daily routine could not be easier. Rather than be limited to only water, like some other supplements may recommend. TruMarine Collagen can be blended with any food or beverage you have (even your morning coffee). You can also add it to juices, smoothies, yogurt, and even acai bowls. Simply add one to two scoops (approximately five to 10 grams) of TruMarine Collagen to something you consume daily. Results are visible as early as four weeks into daily use and optimal results are achieved by eight weeks. Compared to other forms of supplements, like pills or tablets. WithinUs TruMarine Collagen offers a higher concentration of active ingredients, equivalent to 10 to 20 capsules a day.

Get your hair looking its healthiest during the colder, dry months. Pick up your TruMarine Collagen at your next blowout and enjoy your first supplement in your mimosa or complimentary coffee. Book your blowout now.

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A little compliment, goes a long way

Receiving the perfect compliment can have the same impact on your energy and mood as receiving a cash reward but only if you know how to accept the praise.

A compliment is by definition: a polite expression of praise or admiration and an act or circumstance that implies praise or respect.

The problem is, most women deflect any compliments that come their way. Whether it be “I love your outfit” and the reply “Oh, it was all that I had clean” or “You gave an amazing presentation” and the reply “No, I just threw it together in five minutes.” We’re all guilty of making excuses for compliments received instead of graciously accepting admiration.

Let’s talk compliments.

There are nine different types of compliments: ambiguous, too-frequent, inappropriate, envious, awkward, off-topic, unintentionally rude, sales pitch and the right compliment. Most of these don’t warrant acceptance as they aren’t coming from a place of good intention. It’s important to understand that giving a compliment can only have a positive impact if it’s coming from the heart.

Not only can the right compliment increase your confidence but according to a recent study published in PLOS One. It can significantly improve your performance at work. “To the brain, receiving a compliment is as much a social reward as being rewarded money. We’ve been able to find scientific proof that a person performs better when they receive a social reward after completing an exercise”, stated lead professor of the Japanese study, Norihiro Sadato.

While you are sleeping each night your brain undertakes a process called skill consolidation: the process by which motor skills are transformed from an initial fragile state, in which they are especially prone to being disrupted or lost, to a more solid or permanent state. Compliments trigger the memory boost of this process and have similar results as that of a cash incentive. By giving the right compliment you can impact a person’s performance and ability to do their job well.

In our digitally driven society of Photoshop and portraying the perfect, Pinterest life, self-esteem among women is an increasing issue. Eighty-five percent of women miss out on social events and important life activities due to self-consciousness of their personal appearance. The habit of basing attendance based on appearance is instilled in girls at a young age with 79 percent of girls aged 10 to 17 reporting the same feelings as women aged 18 to 64.

Let’s empower each other! 

You’ve heard the saying, women dress for other women? The power of a woman’s opinion can drastically change how females interact in social events and at work. By providing the perfect compliment to another woman (whether it be your sister or a complete stranger). You can increase their productivity at work, increase their confidence in taking risks and contradict their own negative self views.

Being strong enough to recognize someone else’s beauty without questioning your own can be more difficult than you’d think. But start small. If woman in front of you in line has that gorgeous post-blowout look. Go ahead and let her know their hair looks fantastic! Empowering other women and building them will only help increase your own confidence.

You can “Vent” with us.

As a female owned and operated business. We know how powerful it can be when females get together and lift each other up. Vent Blow Dry Bar aims to empower women through beautiful hairstyling, building confidence with each blowout. While providing a comfortable space to vent and connect with other women. There is something about sitting in a comfy chair while nourishing your hair and enjoying a luxurious experience. That can help you feel more capable and ready to take on the rest of your week. Our intention is to not only increase the number of compliments you receive, but to inspire you to then pay it forward and empower other women.

Plan a day with the important women in your life and make sure it includes a visit to Vent Blow Dry Bar for your girls’ day blowouts.


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The Woman Behind Vent Blow Dry Bar

What inspires you? For me, I am inspired by women who have a vision and who are driven by that vision to achieve great things.

Whether it be a business, a career, a passion for fitness or a calling to help others. As women we all had experiences through our lives that have left their mark. We can use those experiences to drive ourselves to accomplish things we may never have thought possible.

So what is it that has driven me to start my own business and push me everyday? My why! It’s what I go to when I need motivation and it’s what gives me that grit to keep pushing forward on those difficult days. What’s my why you might ask? Well, it is those life events and experience of course. Also two key things: my lifelong love/hate relationship with my hair and my dream of being a successful businesswomen.

My Why!

Since I can remember my hair has made me crazy. It has always been thick, curly and difficult to manage. When I was young, like many girls I wanted pin straight hair. I would sprawl my hair out on my mom’s ironing board and run a hot iron over it! Many years later after getting married, my family would often be ready waiting for me at the door to go out as I entered hour two of my hair styling regime. The thought of having a place where I could have my hair professionally done without paying salon prices and waiting days or weeks for an appointment excited me.

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The second part of my why has been my dream of building my own business. I have always admired women who took the chance at opening their own business and built something in their image. Women who are driven, confident and dedicated to create a brand that reflected their why. Women who inspire and especially those who help other women to succeed. I always felt I could do this but until recently never had the opportunity.

I believe that through the creation of Vent Blow Dry Bar I have incorporated my why into every aspect of the business. To provide women (and men) with an option for hair care that is affordable, saves time and builds confidence. And if you’re going to be sitting in a salon for an hour – you deserve to sit in a luxurious one where you can enjoy a glass of wine and de-stress. I truly feel that as women we work hard and deserve to be pampered!

So what’s your why?

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