Our Top 8 Halloween Blowouts

Finding an original Halloween costume idea seems near impossible. But even if you are one of the five Sandys at your party, there’s a way to stand out. We have put together some of our favourite Halloween costumes that are put over the top by good hair.

For those of us that are less creative, finding a costume is as simple of walking into the nearest costume shop and picking up a fully packaged head to toe costume. Problem is, there’s so many of us that do that, we end up looking identical. This year, come into Vent Blow Dry Bar before your Halloween party to get the perfect accessory for your costume: your hair. We will help make your average costume look like a million bucks. Here are the top Halloween hair ideas to help you perfect your look.


Disney’s Elsa 

The Frozen fad is still going strong and you’ll never be able to perfect the messy side braid so let it go. Let our stylists give you the perfect pulled out braid look for your Disney look.



If you’ve been to Vent Blow Dry Bar already, you already know how obsessed we are with Carrie Bradshaw. With our beachy wave style option, we can help you effortlessly pull off the complete Sex in the City look this Halloween. Add some Madonna pearls, large earrings, a ripped jean jacket and you’ll be ready to go straight from your glass of wine at Vent to the party.


Game of Thrones

This show is still dominating, so get on board. Choose your favourite medieval Game of Thrones character and let our stylists create intricate braids to complete your look. Heck, we like this look any day of the month!


Grease’s Sandy

 “Tell me about it, Stud.” This has to be one of our favourite classic costumes. Perfect for those who are reading this on October 30th at midnight trying to figure out what to wear. Grab your black tights, leather jacket and red lipstick. Sandy’s look really isn’t complete without her voluminous curls. Get dressed and head to Vent for a drink while our stylists finish off the look.



 A starfish jeweled bra and mermaid style skirt bring this look only half way. We want the perfect sea goddess hair. With our soft curl style option and waterfall braid add-on, you’ll be feeling like Arial in no time.


Clueless’ Cher

As if you could find a costume more sophisticated and classy! Cher is our go-to costume for our classic straight style option. Leaving in round brushes, our stylists will help you achieve the perfect straight with a little bit of movement. Best part of this hairstyle, you can wear it to work for days, well after your Halloween hangover fades.



Have an old leotard lying around somewhere? Add some leg warmers and a tight bun and you’ve achieved the easiest (yet still uber cute) costume for your Halloween party. Offering both simple and formal updos, our stylists can help you jazz up this costume to your liking!



With shows like Mad Men topping the charts, there’s never been a better time for a Hollywood glam costume! Our Hollywood blowout style option will perfect your hollywood or flapper look. Just grab your red lipstick and you’re good to go!



Get creative this year and perfect your costume with a Halloween blowout. The weekend of October 27th is already starting to book up. Book your Halloween blowout now. 


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