Girl Time is Healthy

Only a few decades ago, the local salon was a weekly meeting place for women—a place to catch up on gossip with friends, read the latest magazines and escape life’s stresses. With today’s hectic schedules, more often than not women forget to take time to relax, rejuvenate and engage in much needed girl time. Women who spend regular, quality time with friends have a 50% lower mortality rate and experience increased feelings of optimism. Vent Blow Dry Bar understands this and the value of creating an experience with friends.


With our rate of social media use comes a rise in feelings of loneliness and social isolation. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are leading to longer spans in between in-person connections. Even though social media can be great for networking and staying connected with long-distant friends. We would suggest they are not effective when it comes to your long-term wellbeing.  

Women are incredible beings with busy lives. Balancing a career, family, relationships and personal time can be a challenge. Vent Blow Dry Bar wants to re-establish a social space within the Liberty Village community where women can meet, and vent about their week. Then come out looking and feeling more beautiful than an hour before. It may just be hair but 67% of women report feeling more confident and proficient at work when having a good hair day.

The Science

A recent study published in Psychology and Aging showed a correlation between feelings of loneliness and increases in blood pressure. Study participants were measured over a four year period. Researchers found the best way to combat these feelings (and physical drawbacks) is to create and connect with a strong social circle of friends and family.

Since 2014, stress level in adults has been rising significantly with women reporting higher levels of stress than men. Stress related diseases make up for 60% of all diseases and illnesses. Simply making time for coffee with friends, going to a hot yoga class or getting your hair done can lead to some major benefits to your wellbeing.

Good friends are sometimes hard to acquire and even harder to maintain. It’s often the most stressful times in our lives that we need and reach out to our friends the most. It is also important to make time to celebrate the good times with friends who are there for us. Whether it’s a celebration of good times or a pick-me-up after a heartbreak, studies show as you grow older, having friends (support systems) and a richer social life can increase your survival rate by 50%.

At the end of the day, it’s your friends who you do life with. They are there through the breakups, family funerals, job promotions and the daily stresses. Just as important as making an effort to eat healthy and workout to maintain your physical and mental health. Investing in nurturing your friendships will lead to a fuller longer life. Warding off depression and preventing memory loss, intimate social integration also helps decrease your risk of smoking, inactivity, and obesity.

Vent Blow Dry Bar provides the perfect place to not only provide you with an instant boost in confidence but a place to catch up with your girlfriends. Our luxurious atmosphere provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a cocktail with a friend while giving your hair the love it needs. We provide our clients with four uniquely cocktailed Moroccanoil hair treatments and eight different blowout styles to suit any mood. Whether you are meeting a friend for a coffee and blowout. Maybe you want to start the party with a cocktail before a night on the town? Vent Blow Dry Bar is pro girlfriend time. It might sound like a stretch, but blowouts are truly healthy (for you and your hair!).

Surprise your girlfriend with some much needed venting and relaxation time. Book in your girl time at Vent Blow Dry Bar click here.

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