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The Importance of Venting

Anything can set off a bad daywhether it’s your overbearing boss, running out of coffee or even something as simple as bad weather. When we bottle up our feelings and frustrations these little inconveniences can snowball into a bad weeks or months and eventually end in a breakdown. Venting is healthy.

Although it often has a negative stigma, characterized as something that promotes obsessivity and complaining, venting is proven to relieve stress and help resolve issues when done in the right environment with the right person. Vent Blow Dry Bar strives to be that pro-venting space for you and your closest friends to chat completely at ease and free to let out your frustrations.

The most effective way to be rid of negative emotions, is to talk about them. Talking about your stresses and anxieties can help you move on from problems more efficiently and in a healthy way. Explaining a past situation out loud can help clarify how you’re feeling about it. Then often times puts things into perspective. When emotions run high and there’s no outlet to unload onto, the body’s equilibrium becomes imbalanced and the neocortical function of the brain shuts down. This imbalance makes you feel confused and can create a distorted version of situations. Making it difficult to determine what really is upsetting you.

Keeping your feelings bottled up also negatively impacts your physical being; muscles can become extremely tense, causing poor sleep, cramping and chronic pain. Vocalizing your emotions releases them from the body and mind. Evoking an immediate rush of relief that relaxes muscles and eases mental strain. In the same way that exercise can help clear the mind. Emptying our brains can help the body to regain strength.

Talking to friends helps sort out your own emotions in a new way. Offering different perspectives and solutions you may have not previously considered. A supportive friend can offer you comfort and guidance in ways no one else can. Once you find a friend you can truly vent with, don’t let her go. Part therapist, part personal cheerleader, part silent listener, a good friend can help you through anything.

It’s our hope you can leave Vent Blow Dry Bar feeling totally refreshed—hair, thoughts and all. To book your next venting session with your girlfriend’s click below!

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Our Top 8 Halloween Blowouts

Finding an original Halloween costume idea seems near impossible. But even if you are one of the five Sandys at your party, there’s a way to stand out. We have put together some of our favourite Halloween costumes that are put over the top by good hair.

For those of us that are less creative, finding a costume is as simple of walking into the nearest costume shop and picking up a fully packaged head to toe costume. Problem is, there’s so many of us that do that, we end up looking identical. This year, come into Vent Blow Dry Bar before your Halloween party to get the perfect accessory for your costume: your hair. We will help make your average costume look like a million bucks. Here are the top Halloween hair ideas to help you perfect your look.


Disney’s Elsa 

The Frozen fad is still going strong and you’ll never be able to perfect the messy side braid so let it go. Let our stylists give you the perfect pulled out braid look for your Disney look.



If you’ve been to Vent Blow Dry Bar already, you already know how obsessed we are with Carrie Bradshaw. With our beachy wave style option, we can help you effortlessly pull off the complete Sex in the City look this Halloween. Add some Madonna pearls, large earrings, a ripped jean jacket and you’ll be ready to go straight from your glass of wine at Vent to the party.


Game of Thrones

This show is still dominating, so get on board. Choose your favourite medieval Game of Thrones character and let our stylists create intricate braids to complete your look. Heck, we like this look any day of the month!


Grease’s Sandy

 “Tell me about it, Stud.” This has to be one of our favourite classic costumes. Perfect for those who are reading this on October 30th at midnight trying to figure out what to wear. Grab your black tights, leather jacket and red lipstick. Sandy’s look really isn’t complete without her voluminous curls. Get dressed and head to Vent for a drink while our stylists finish off the look.



 A starfish jeweled bra and mermaid style skirt bring this look only half way. We want the perfect sea goddess hair. With our soft curl style option and waterfall braid add-on, you’ll be feeling like Arial in no time.


Clueless’ Cher

As if you could find a costume more sophisticated and classy! Cher is our go-to costume for our classic straight style option. Leaving in round brushes, our stylists will help you achieve the perfect straight with a little bit of movement. Best part of this hairstyle, you can wear it to work for days, well after your Halloween hangover fades.



Have an old leotard lying around somewhere? Add some leg warmers and a tight bun and you’ve achieved the easiest (yet still uber cute) costume for your Halloween party. Offering both simple and formal updos, our stylists can help you jazz up this costume to your liking!



With shows like Mad Men topping the charts, there’s never been a better time for a Hollywood glam costume! Our Hollywood blowout style option will perfect your hollywood or flapper look. Just grab your red lipstick and you’re good to go!



Get creative this year and perfect your costume with a Halloween blowout. The weekend of October 27th is already starting to book up. Book your Halloween blowout now. 


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Refine Your Wedding Day Morning

It’s the most important day of your life. There’s a million things to do, hundreds of people to talk with and it all needs to start at 6:30 AM—until now. Vent Blow Dry Bar has revolutionized the tone of your wedding day morning.

It’s your wedding day. You set your alarm for 6:30 AM to ensure you have enough time to have a coffee before your hair stylist and makeup artist arrive at 7:00 AM. They need to get through you, the groom’s mom, your mom and all six of your bridesmaids before 1:30 to ensure there’s enough time to get your dress on and take photos before leaving for the ceremony site.

OR it’s your wedding day, you roll out of bed around 10:00 AM feeling totally refreshed for the long, important day ahead and have a leisurely coffee on your way to Vent Blow Dry Bar. There’s stylists waiting for each of your bridesmaids, yourself and the moms. Mimosas are being poured and the makeup artist ready to get to work. Everyone’s hair is done at the same time and the decor is the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. With wedding chick flicks and your playlist playing in the background, this morning is one you and the ladies closest to you will remember.

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Often times brides become fixated on their wedding day timeline and getting to the next portion of the day. At Vent Blow Dry Bar, we believe in creating an experience for our brides that will leave them totally relaxed for the day. Let us serve you and your wedding party champagne, Buda Juice mimosas or complimentary Nespresso and while beautifully styling your hair.

For our brides hosting weddings too far from Vent Blow Dry Bar, stop by the day before your wedding for a deep scalp massage and wash. As many wedding hair stylists will tell you, day old hair is ideal for styling. The natural oils of your hair will help the style hold. With our two products lines, AG Hair and Moroccanoil, our stylists can help create the perfect palette for your wedding day hairstyle.

Set the tone for your special day with the ultimate morning with the ladies closest to you. With the busyness of your wedding day, transform your morning into a relaxing, luxurious experience rather than a mad dash.

In the midst of wedding planning? Click here to check one more thing off your list and inquire about our customized bridal packages.

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Girl Time is Healthy

Only a few decades ago, the local salon was a weekly meeting place for women—a place to catch up on gossip with friends, read the latest magazines and escape life’s stresses. With today’s hectic schedules, more often than not women forget to take time to relax, rejuvenate and engage in much needed girl time. Women who spend regular, quality time with friends have a 50% lower mortality rate and experience increased feelings of optimism. Vent Blow Dry Bar understands this and the value of creating an experience with friends.


With our rate of social media use comes a rise in feelings of loneliness and social isolation. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are leading to longer spans in between in-person connections. Even though social media can be great for networking and staying connected with long-distant friends. We would suggest they are not effective when it comes to your long-term wellbeing.  

Women are incredible beings with busy lives. Balancing a career, family, relationships and personal time can be a challenge. Vent Blow Dry Bar wants to re-establish a social space within the Liberty Village community where women can meet, and vent about their week. Then come out looking and feeling more beautiful than an hour before. It may just be hair but 67% of women report feeling more confident and proficient at work when having a good hair day.

The Science

A recent study published in Psychology and Aging showed a correlation between feelings of loneliness and increases in blood pressure. Study participants were measured over a four year period. Researchers found the best way to combat these feelings (and physical drawbacks) is to create and connect with a strong social circle of friends and family.

Since 2014, stress level in adults has been rising significantly with women reporting higher levels of stress than men. Stress related diseases make up for 60% of all diseases and illnesses. Simply making time for coffee with friends, going to a hot yoga class or getting your hair done can lead to some major benefits to your wellbeing.

Good friends are sometimes hard to acquire and even harder to maintain. It’s often the most stressful times in our lives that we need and reach out to our friends the most. It is also important to make time to celebrate the good times with friends who are there for us. Whether it’s a celebration of good times or a pick-me-up after a heartbreak, studies show as you grow older, having friends (support systems) and a richer social life can increase your survival rate by 50%.

At the end of the day, it’s your friends who you do life with. They are there through the breakups, family funerals, job promotions and the daily stresses. Just as important as making an effort to eat healthy and workout to maintain your physical and mental health. Investing in nurturing your friendships will lead to a fuller longer life. Warding off depression and preventing memory loss, intimate social integration also helps decrease your risk of smoking, inactivity, and obesity.

Vent Blow Dry Bar provides the perfect place to not only provide you with an instant boost in confidence but a place to catch up with your girlfriends. Our luxurious atmosphere provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a cocktail with a friend while giving your hair the love it needs. We provide our clients with four uniquely cocktailed Moroccanoil hair treatments and eight different blowout styles to suit any mood. Whether you are meeting a friend for a coffee and blowout. Maybe you want to start the party with a cocktail before a night on the town? Vent Blow Dry Bar is pro girlfriend time. It might sound like a stretch, but blowouts are truly healthy (for you and your hair!).

Surprise your girlfriend with some much needed venting and relaxation time. Book in your girl time at Vent Blow Dry Bar click here.

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