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5 Signs You’re From Liberty Village

When we were deciding on the perfect location for our first Vent Blow Dry Bar, there was a lot to consider. We wanted to be a part of a lively, diverse community that was accessible to everyone, but still had it’s own unique energy. The choice became obvious: Liberty Village.

Liberty Village is located south of King West and sits right along the Exhibition grounds. Within the last decade, the abandoned industrial zone has transformed into a bustling, intimate neighbourhood. Since opening a month and a half ago, we’ve become proud of our little corner of the city and are beginning to pick up on what Liberty Villagers are all about.


You know you live in Liberty Village when…

1)Liberty Village is a dog lover’s dream.

With dog parks steps away from the residential area and larger options closer to the lake, it seems almost everyone in the area has a furry friend. For our Vent Blow Dry Bar staff, one of the best parts of our location is seeing all the puppies strut their stuff down East Liberty Street.

2) You work within walking distance of your apartment.

With a large amount of growth Liberty Village has seen over the last decade, we knew this would be the perfect area to grow our business—and we’re not the only ones. Unique startups and large corporations have opted to headquarter in the 43 acres of Liberty Village. With hundreds of businesses in our little community, job opportunities are plentiful and Liberty Villagers tend to spend their time within the boundaries of our community.

3) You’ve eaten in almost every restaurant within a 5-minute walk.

Liberty Villagers are known for their tendency to work, live and eat in the area but it didn’t take our Vent staff too long to realize why—LV is home to some of the best bars, coffee shops and restaurants in the city. Between Local, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen and William’s Landing, you can find a spot for every occasion or mood without having to walk more than five minutes. We are also home to some great breweries. 3 Brewers Liberty Village, Liberty Commons at Big Rock Brewery and The Craft are all the perfect place to do some beer tasting with friends. With our liquor license, Vent Blow Dry Bar is now another perfect place to catch up with friends over a drink or two.

4) It takes you 20 minutes to drive from your apartment to Lakeshore.

Liberty Villagers know if they are planning to leave the LV bubble, to leave an excessive amount of timeespecially in the summer. The convenience of being so close to BMO field, the Exhibition grounds and Budweisers stage is fantastic for hosting out-of-town guests, but can be giant pain when trying to drive anywhere. With just a couple entrances to the heart of Liberty Village (and a whole lot of event parking), each Liberty Villager has spend a great deal of time idling on East Liberty Street—and you wonder why we stay in the Liberty Village bubble!

5) You brunch—and brunch hard.

Between 10am and 3pm on Saturday and Sunday in Liberty Village might as well be Friday night anywhere else in the city. Liberty Villagers love brunches and better yet, boozy brunches. With most restaurants serving up benny and mimosas on the weekends, the streets of LV are bustling in the morning. It’s no secret, Liberty Village is home to many millennials who love to drink and within the last five year our 174.9% increase in community size has lead to the demand of more daytime drinking spots. Vent Blow Dry Bar is no exception. We are now open both Saturday and Sunday serving up mimosas, wine, beer and cider. Stop by Vent before your Liberty Village brunch to get the perfect style for your day.

At Vent Blow Dry Bar, we aspire to give you a truly original experience. Equipped with nourishing products from Moroccanoil, professional grade tools like Dyson Supersonic hair dryers, our blowouts are sure to spark another sign you’re from Liberty Village—beautiful hair!

Haven’t visited us yet? Come see one of Liberty Village’s newest additions. Book your blowout now.

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Extend Your Blowout

The best way to extend your blowout is to start by getting a great one. At Vent Blow Dry Bar, we offer a customized and luxurious blowout experience that will last days after your initial appointment.

Every exceptional blowout starts with a consultation with your stylist—determining your hair type helps our stylists better achieve your preferred style and allows products used to be tailored to your hair’s needs, texture and integrity. We want to hear all the information straight from the expert (after all, no one knows your hair better than you do). Understanding how your chosen style will wear on your hair’s texture throughout the following days is essential in choosing the best, long-lasting blowout style. For example, starting with voluminous curls on day one will provide you with loose curls on day two and three.

Blowouts at Vent Blow Dry Bar start with a deep cleansing wash to remove build up of product or oil that weigh down the hair. A great style needs a clean slate in order to sufficiently hold and stay fresh for as long as possible. With our relaxing scalp massage and nourishing Moroccanoil and AG Hair shampoos and conditioners, your hair is stripped of excess product leaving you with soft, manageable hair. By drying your hair with the revolutionary Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, our stylists are able to create a smooth canvas on which to style. In creating a long-lasting style, it is absolutely necessary to have the hair completely dry and smooth. Working with even slightly damp hair can risk an unpolished frizzy look. Using the proper styling techniques and tools for your hair type is also an essential part of achieving your enduring, desired style.  

Although proper technique in your initial appointment should allow your blowout (and confidence that comes along with it) to last for a few days post your appointment, there are a few at-home tricks you can utilize to ensure your style lasts.

Even though your strands feel irresistible after your blowout, resist the urge to run your fingers them! Avoid touching your hair in the days following your blowout. Each time you do, the natural oils from your skin transfer to your hair causing strands to become limp and your style to appear greasy. Not to mention, repeated touching can make your beautiful curls to loosen. Look but don’t touch!  

Sleeping always seems to be the make or break of your blowout’s duration. When you get home for the night (especially if you have longer hair), try to keep your hair in a loose bun on the top of your head to avoid curls from falling and oils from your neck transferring to your hair. The best way to ensure your hair last through the night is switching to a silk or satin pillowcase. Rougher fabrics tend to create friction while you’re sleeping that can ruin your hair’s body and volume leaving you with messy, bedhead. 

 On day three or four, freshen your hair with Moroccanoil dry shampoo. With both dark and light tone options, the rice starch in this product soaks up any oil and grease accumulating at the roots and leaves a beautiful, fresh scent. Leaving no dull residue, the oil-absorbing formula also acts as UV protector ensuring your hair stays as strong as it is beautiful. Simply spray the product approximately four inches from the head and tousle the hair in an upward motion to allow the dry shampoo to set while giving it a bit of new volume. At Vent Blow Dry Bar, we carry a variety of Moroccanoil products for your at-home use, Moroccanoil dry shampoo being among the most popular.

If your hair is prone to grease or you’ve gone to the gym a lot after your blowout, coming in for a quick $10 braid is a great way to extend your blowout and reduce your washes. Keeping hair washes to a minimum is beneficial to your hair’s overall health—the oils in your scalp naturally protect the hair and create softer, shinier strands. With time, your hair’s natural oils will become use to your sparse washing schedule and strands become less prone to breakage.

Book your next blowout appointment at Vent Blow Dry Bar and talk to your stylist about the best options to extend your blowout.Book my blowout

Why do YOU blowout?

Everyone has different reasons for pampering themselves with a blowout. Some come to Vent Blow Dry Bar for some quality time with friends over wine, others to give their dry hair life in between colouring. With the city buzzing with Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and Toronto Fashion Week (TFW), wedding season still going strong, and life being busier than ever this fall, there couldn’t be a better time to blowout…Why do you blowout? We askedyou answered.


Vent Blow Dry Bar Toronto. Why do you blowout?
Vent Blow Dry Bar Toronto. Why do you blowout?

Vent Blow Dry Bar Toronto. Why do you blowout?

From bridal showers to Wine Wednesdays, there’s always a reason to come blowout at Vent Blow Dry Bar. Book your next blowout today.

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