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We’ve always been told using hot tools on our hair is damaging and shouldn’t be done often. At Vent Blow Dry Bar, we care not only about how your hair looks and feels on the day of your blowout but in the weeks following. By only using the safest hair tools (including Dyson Supersonic hair dryers) and providing four of the best deeply purifying hair masks on the market, you can feel good about your blowout.

In the last decade, Moroccanoil has quickly become one of the world’s most trusted and best-selling hair treatment brands. By utilizing the power of argan oil, found in Argan tree roots throughout Morocco, Moroccanoil products provide hydrating, mineral-rich antioxidants that benefit your hair’s health and give it a natural sheen. The unique formula helps increase the hair’s elasticity, preventing split ends and other breakage while protecting it from damage caused by UV rays. Moroccanoil has developed four masks to nourish and suit your hair’s needs.

When arriving for your Vent blowout, talk to your stylist about your hair concerns. We will tailor each hair treatment experience with a special cocktail of products specific to any of your hair concern.

Intense Hydration Hair Treatment

Best suited for medium to thick hair types with strands that need serious quenching. By quickly sinking deep into each hair strand, this argan-oil creamy mask delivers the intense hydration needed to improve hair elasticity and shine. Moisturizing red algae surrounds to throughly soften your damaged strands (making this the ideal dry weather hair treatment).

Weightless Hydrating Hair Treatment

With this mask, dry ends receive the hydration they deserve without weighing down your hair’s natural bounce. Often times, hair treatments can leave your hair feeling stiff or with a waxy texture but once the Weightless Hydrating Mask is rinsed out, you will be left with airy soft texture that is 100 per cent manageable. With no residue left behind, you (and your hair!) will be floating all day.

Restorative Hair Treatment Experience  

If you tend to use hot tools on a daily basis or have been colouring your hair for years, this is the perfect mask for you. We love to curl and straighten our hair, but the heat can cause weakness and damage that is just as severe as using chemicals to colour it. With this highly-restorative mask of shea butter and reconstructive proteins, each hair strand is penetrated and restored. Ask your stylist about this mask, you’ll be surprised how many years of damage it can address in just seven minutes.

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Smoothing Hair Treatment

Ever feel like no matter how much conditioner or different treatments you use, your hair still becomes frizzy five minutes after stepping outside? We finally have a solution! This mask treatment contains concentrated argan butter, argan oil and coconut-derived fatty acids to deliver deep hydration and leave hair impossibly soft. Say goodbye to flyaways and baby hair frizz even in the most humid climates.

Hair Treatment Options Vent blow dry bar

Scalp Balance Treatment

Detoxify, soothe and balance your dry or oily scalp with this ultimate treatment that can be added to any of the above experiences. Containing lavender, geranium, ginger root essential oils, and the band’s signature argan oil to nourish, this experience is the ideal way to reduce flakiness of the scalp in dry months (winter) and balance excess sebum in the oily months (summer).

If you choose to add a hair mask experience or scalp balance experience to your blowout appointment, it will follow your wash and extend your scalp massage. The mask is generously applied and massaged for approximately five to ten minutes. Hair treatment experiences are a $20 add-on to your blowout.   

Want to get your mask on? Come visit us at Vent Blow Dry Bar for your weekly hair maintenance. For more information or to book an appointment, please click here.

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