Pixie Cut Blowouts

You finally did it—you took the plunge and cut off your hair. It takes confidence to pull off short hair and we applaud you!

A lot of things are new when you first get a pixie cut: the frequency of washing your hair, what products you use and the way you style it. At Vent Blow Dry Bar, we love the creativity of styling short hair and believe pixie cut blowouts are just as much for you as anyone else.

Short hair is a game changer—we get it. With the new length, your hair is harder to reach and falling in new ways you never thought possible. At Vent Blow Dry Bar, our hair stylists love to work with new “pixie cut owners” to teach them how to properly blowout and style their hair something we call “pixie cut blowouts.” If you’ve had short hair your whole life, our stylists would be happy to help you refresh your style. Whether it’s a twist, a braid, a new texture or simply a different side part, we can help you find a go-to style you’ll want to replicate often.

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean your pixie cut blowouts should be! You should always allow a full hour for your Vent Blow Dry Bar experience. We want you to feel pampered, relaxed and ready to face the day (or night!) ahead. With our scalp massage, product consultation, and unique styling, you’ll be wanting to extend your time at Vent Blow Dry Bar with a drink or two.

Hoping your pixie cut blowouts can last week to week? Talk to your stylists about our full range of professional-grade Moroccanoil products that can extend your style at home (Moroccanoil dry shampoo for both light and dark hair tones is one of our favorites!).

For most who decide to get the big chop, their motivation is often to have less overall maintenance. We’ll take on any maintenance for you with our short-hair/pixie cut blowouts offers. If you have a cut ear length and shorter, you won’t be paying our regular blowout price. Visit our pricing page for details.

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Looking for inspiration for your Vent Blow Dry Bar pixie cut blowouts? Check out these amazing styles.

See you and your friends at your next Pixie Cut Blowouts.
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